Albury Wodonga Health – Feasibility Study

Albury Wodonga Health (AWH) operates on two main hospital campuses under an agreement with both the NSW and Victorian governments.  Potential changes to the means of service delivery for Corporate and Non-Clinical support activities were identified by the AWH Board as a possible strategy to reduce future operating expenditure, with this strategy complementing other cost saving / efficiency initiatives being explored or implemented.

Cogent was engaged to explore options for alternate service delivery models within the Corporate and Non-Clinical support activities of the service.  Some of the key features of the methodology adopted and the outcomes to be achieved for AWH include:

  • consultation with a wide variety of staff from a number of departments;
  • analysis of existing service arrangements;
  • establishment of baseline costing for all appropriate services, including a tracking of how the baseline costs have changed over the last 12 months;
  • comparison of existing costs with likely costs of outsourced services, these latter costs being developed into a benchmark indicator from other similar services;
  • the identification of KPIs and quality standards against which its existing and potential service delivery should be measured;
  • a report which detailed likely outcomes;
  • a series of recommendations in respect to the options that are available to AWH in order to meet the objectives of the initial phase of this project.