Delivering A Lot of Gems In a Little Book

There are any number of project management courses, methodologies and books published, but this one is different. Whether you are a new project manager, or one with more experience, there are plenty of practical tips in this book that will at least provide you with food for thought. Let me be clear about what this […]

Streamlining Imports and Exports

  • March 15th, 2016
  • IT Strategy
  • Cogent Business Solutions

On the road to digital transformation. So good to see the Digital Transformation Office looking at simplifying import processes. Back in 2013, Cogent was engaged to conduct a feasibility study to investigate the opportunities for greater consistency in systems design, common processes in permit processing for regulated imports and exports across the Commonwealth. The feasibility […]

Pushing and Pulling in Health Information Exchange (HIE)

Digital health information can be pushed or pulled, and while most health information systems are likely to have components of both, it is important to understand that they exist in different paradigms and require different policy and legislation. Pushing of digitalised health data works in wa­­ys similar to paper based systems; only electronically. Pushed health […]