Capability Profile

FreebodyCogent is an accounting and management consultancy, specialising in the provision of financial management advice and assistance critical to building strong governance and financial management in an organisation. We strive to deliver effective, practical and sustainable business solutions for government and industry.

Our company

FreebodyCogent  is based in Canberra but operates throughout Australia. Through our strategic partnership with Cogent Business Solutions, a management consultancy specialising in ‘service delivery’ solutions, and our alliances with other ‘like-minded’ organisations, Freebody Cogent is able to draw on a comprehensive base of specialist consultants to provide domain expertise and management for multi-disciplined projects. This network provides FreebodyCogent with the flexibility to provide dedicated, strong competency based individuals and teams delivering high quality, timely, value for money business solutions.

Our services

FreebodyCogent  offers consultants who are experienced across all facets of financial and performance management. We provide services to organisations throughout each stage of development and reform with respect to their financial management and performance framework and facilitate transition to the next stage.

In particular, FreebodyCogent has a strong track record in the delivery of:

  • Activity Based Costing (ABC) and Activity Based Management (ABM) where inputs are linked to outputs in a meaningful way to facilitate business improvement and the realignment of resources with outputs. FreebodyCogent has successfully applied ABC to tasks such as baseline costing and output pricing models and to support market testing and contract negotiation processes.
  • Competitive Tendering and Contracting where FreebodyCogent in conjunction with Cogent Business Solutions, are amongst the most active and experienced service providers in Australia. Our combined understanding and capacity to assist organisations extends across all aspects of the market testing process.

FreebodyCogent can provide expertise in issues such as pricing framework and schedules, baseline costing, financial evaluation and analysis of tender responses including assessment of financial viability and support throughout the contract negotiation phase and ongoing contract management.

  • Business Planning, Analysis and Review – FreebodyCogent is able to develop business and strategic plans for any type of organisation. Our collaborative approach and business diagnostic methodology aims to develop strategies that achieve a sustainable competitive advantage for our clients and promotes ownership of the outputs. Our consultants are also expert in business performance reviews, financial viability and risk assessment and business case development.
  • Business Process Reengineering and Financial Systems Development – Our approach to business improvement is based on a framework that comprehensively analyses all elements of the business. Our consultants have developed a strong capacity to transform organisations to bring about more streamlined, cost effective and client focussed business processes, systems and structures to support service delivery requirements.
  • Financial Management Training – FreebodyCogent has substantial experience in the provision of financial training and skills development, from the design and delivery of functional training for operational staff through to financial and performance management for senior management and executives.
  • Public Sector Financial Management Framework including the design and implementation of accrual accounting, output based accrual budgeting, financial reporting and performance management processes and systems.
  • Value Based Management where performance is assessed by measuring the impact of decisions on ownership value incorporating economic value added concepts.

Our people

Our consultants have senior expertise and experience unequalled by many of our competitors. FreebodyCogent is committed to professionalism and business excellence through the use of qualified consultants who have demonstrated very high skill and experience in their field of expertise and integrity in the performance of their work.

Our consultants have an established reputation for their high level of expertise, professionalism and commitment to service delivery.

Our dealings with clients are founded on:

  • Understanding client needs and their environment
  • Matching consultants expertise and experience to meet those needs
  • Skills transfer
  • Integrity in the performance of our work and our relationships with clients

Why choose FreebodyCogent

Our collaborative approach to projects facilitates successful outcomes for clients and ownership of outputs.

  • We provide effective, practical, sustainable business solutions.
  • Our hands on and flexible approach to service delivery.
  • We are able to provide highly qualified resources with senior experience and expertise at competitive rates.
  • We have proven capacity to manage and complete multiple projects concurrently while maintaining the high quality of our work.
  • Our access to and use of up to date financial management tools and programs.