E-government and its challenges

The 2016 E-Government Survey issued by the United Nations poses some surprises and challenges. Australia received a weighted E-Government Development Index (EGDI) score of 0.9143 for 2016, made up of three components: Online Service Index (OSI), Telecommunication Infrastructure Index (TII), and Human Capital Index. In the throes of Rio Olympic fever, one could smugly sit […]

Are you a risk ‘Explorer’ or a risk ‘Farmer’?

Many of our clients are interested in what technology can offer them in terms of increased capacity, capability and market share. In the risk management arena technology has always been a key aspect of defining or recreating ones place in the market, but the risks are significant and often increase organisational risk in managing the […]

Making Innovation Happen

Some recent readings on innovation have set me thinking about the challenges we face to drive innovation, both within our company and with our clients. In launching a recent report, the OECD highlighted the need for a coordinated approach to technological change and innovation. While the OECD is focussed more on government-level policies, the theme […]

Outsourcing Your Risk?

We were with a client last week where we looked at their organisational risk across their business and were struck by the variance of their executives understanding and attitude of ‘outsourcing risk’. The GRC Institute recently published an interesting article we’d like to share. In light of both new legislation and the interpretation of that legislation […]

Delivering A Lot of Gems In a Little Book

There are any number of project management courses, methodologies and books published, but this one is different. Whether you are a new project manager, or one with more experience, there are plenty of practical tips in this book that will at least provide you with food for thought. Let me be clear about what this […]