High Blood Cholesterol within NSW PHN Regions.

High Blood Cholesterol can be effected by a variety of lifestyle choices including diet, activity level, smoking and weight, all of which can increase the risk of heart disease. It is therefore important for PHNs to focus on intervention strategies given the potential benefit of behaviour modifying education. According to the ABS, Australian Health Survey, […]

Mapping Diabetes Within NSW PHN Regions

The Australian Health Policy Collaboration has just published the Australian Health Tracker Report 2016.*  This first national health report card is a welcome addition to the debate on health service needs. As an example, the report puts the national average for Diabetes at 4.7% for the 25-65 age group and rising. To plot this against […]

Pushing and Pulling in Health Information Exchange (HIE)

Digital health information can be pushed or pulled, and while most health information systems are likely to have components of both, it is important to understand that they exist in different paradigms and require different policy and legislation. Pushing of digitalised health data works in wa­­ys similar to paper based systems; only electronically. Pushed health […]