Contract Management

The Cogent contract management service is designed uniquely for each client; drawn from our capability for audits, negotiation, financial control and knowledge of current standards. Our consultants are responsive – we listen to your needs, problems, goals and priorities – and professional – in qualifications, experience and relations with you.

Our contract management work is founded on the following principles:

Control of your contracts – you must be able to control the conduct of your contracts. Without this you are not receiving the standards of service you require

Cost effectiveness – the measure of our success in meeting your needs and adding value to your operation

State of the art – systems and software are up to date and appropriate

Confidentiality – sensitive knowledge of your operation is secure

Auditing team – Cogent associates are selected for their expertise and credentials, to independently report on the service(s) you are receiving.

Training – practical and interesting, on the job or in the seminar room.