Exercises & Awareness Programs

The Cogent team has been providing security training and advice to government sector and private organisations for over 15 years. We are able to provide exercise planning and development, desktop exercises, functional integrates exercises and full operational or ‘live’ exercises and training. We have provided a broad range of these services to Federal Government, Defence, government enterprises as well as the private sector in the following areas – major infrastructure companies, airports and related aviation facilities, maritime, oil and gas, defence industries and mining.

Cogent is able to undertake the following services for organisations requiring support and augmentation to their security compliance and training areas:

  • Training needs analysis
  • Security exercise scope and planning
  • Scenario development and research
  • Exercise writing
  • ‘Exercise control’ training
  • Exercise conduct, ranging from lead-in desktop exercises to full operational tests

We are also able to provide awareness training and professional development support to organisational compliance and security frameworks. These services range from:

  • Security and inspection training and awareness
  • General security induction
  • Specific security training in terms of technical operator requirements, supervisory and managerial support and security leadership and management