Health Facilities / Cleaning Audits

Cogent has been conducting external audits of cleaning standards since 2000 when the Victorian Cleaning Standards for Health Facilities was introduced.

The Victorian Department of Health mandates compliance with the standards for all Victorian health facilities and we believe that our auditing team possesses the experience and skills to deliver a report that surpasses the Department of Health reporting requirements.

  • Cogent auditors are QVCSA acredited plus have experience in the field
  • Cogent auditors are professional, diligent and courteous on site
  • Our auditors partake in ongoing training and regular quality assurance to retain continuity when auditing
  • Consultation with clients is of utmost importance and client confidentiality is ensured
  • External audit results are provided to the client within 24 hours, with the full audit report presented on CD and sent directly to the client shortly after
  • CAS3 is used by Cogent auditors as it is compliant with the Victorian Cleaning Standards demerit score system

Details of the CAS3 software system can be found here: The CAS3 System