Case Study – Integrated Management Systems

Contract Performance Review

Cogent’s Role: Cogent Business Solutions was engaged to conduct a review of a leading tertiary institutions contract management process and performance for cleaning. Cogent provides a hybrid software program to assist with the administration and quality management compliance of the contract.

Business Challenge/What Client wanted: Cogent had noticed that the management and use of the software developed for this client was not delivering the results that were required, primarily due to the design and implementation of the contract. Cogent offered to undertake an independent audit of the performance across a sample of the client’s sites. There over 1200 buildings across numerous sites.

The results of the audit indicated that due to an ineffective procurement process the functioning of the contract was relatively poor. Contract specifications, standards and compliance were not effective and were being adjusted outside the contract to ensure that services were able to be delivered to a satisfactory degree. The software was not supporting the ‘actual’ contract and the overall standard of performance was not being effectively reported on.

Cogent undertook a range of workshops to strategically review the issues within the previous and current contract, undertook a gap analysis and priority assessment of issues and worked with the client and the contractors to define new standards that could be accommodated within the existing contract, implemented a range of structural changes within the compliance program and redeveloped the software to meet these requirements based on agreed and pragmatic standards, frequencies and compliance parameters.

Project Outcomes: The implementation of this project is still underway however it is clear that the structure and mechanisms of monitoring performance, reporting and rectification have improved significantly. The software is designed to support and improve contractor performance in a constructive and progressive manner. Rather than causing significant contractual issues Cogent’s approach has been able to obtain client and contractor buy in by integrating best practice compliance processes, automated tools that reflect organisational priorities and deepened the awareness of engagement between the contractor and client.