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Enterprise architecture

The extent of architecture required on a project can vary. The development of a complete enterprise architecture can be used to describe the overall organisation or enterprise, its business priorities and services, the information used to provide those services across a number of locations, and the technology platform needed to support those business services.

The enterprise architecture is based on the definition of architectural principles and standards that all systems throughout the enterprise should comply with. The enterprise architecture thus defines the governance processes for technology development and usage across the organisation, with processes for development and enhancement of the architecture, scrutiny and approval of any exceptions to the architecture, and guidance for technology investment decisions.

In many cases, a more targeted solution architecture may be required to set the framework, constraints and rules for a particular project. The solution architecture should address compliance with technology standards within the relevant organisation or industry, how it meets the project outcomes, and set a framework to measure the effectiveness of system in meeting business outcomes.

Cogent has experience in developing and reviewing enterprise architecture across all the architecture domains:

  • Business Architecture
  • Information Architecture
  • Application Architecture
  • Infrastructure Architecture

Our experience includes:

  • Systems architecture, including business, technical and information architectures with a range of methodologies such as The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF)
  • Information architecture, including definition of data using industry standard schemas such as XBRL
  • Enterprise architecture within the John A. Zachman Enterprise Architecture Framework
  • Solution architecture in accordance with the Australian Government Architecture as described by AGIMO

Business analysis

We believe that business analysis forms the key to successful systems development, providing the link between what the business wants to achieve and harnessing the right technologies, tools and procedures to meet those goals. Our Cogent team have the experience to ensure that all aspects of the planning process are taken care of to guarantee that implementation is carried out with effectiveness.

At Cogent, we focus on understanding the issues and drivers that affect an organisation’s business outcomes, and formulate solutions tailored to your business. Our skills range through:

  • Business requirements analysis and definition
  • Facilitation to elicit requirements
  • Stakeholder identification
  • Prioritisation of requirements
  • Project definition studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Mapping of end-to-end business processes
  • Systems specifications, including functional, performance and security specifications
  • Quality reviews with stakeholders and business owners
  • Investigation and analysis of technology options for implementation and through-life support

In all of the above, coordination between business and technical teams is paramount, translating between the environments so that technical solutions are built to precise business needs. We liaise with technical and business teams in the development of technical documentation for systems to meet legislative and policy requirements.

Cogent consultants will use their experience, sound methodology and a consultative approach to analyse, specify and document business requirements. Our consultants have qualifications in computer science, information and software engineering and project management, coupled with extensive experience across the Defence, Immigration, Finance, Statistics and Social Security sectors in government, and in the private sector.

Project management

Cogent has wide experience in the management of projects, both IT-related and other projects, across a wide range of disciplines. In the IT industry, the application of good project management principles is essential. We see this as an essential skill across all aspects of our work, in order to meet both our own and our clients’ requirements for quality results within time and budget.

Our project managers have wide experience and certification in a range of project management methodologies including PMBOK and PRINCE2.