Managed Services

Cogent provides staff services to organisations that have short term to medium term staff and program augmentation requirements.  Cogent is able to provide specific augmentation staff or fully managed teams that step up to business outcomes, either within the clients own premises’ or in our own secure location.  Our teams are fully self sufficient with our own systems and procedures in place.

Key Areas of Support

  • Processing functions requiring attention to detail, research and reliability, often involving barriers such as security clearances or specialised training
  • Business results focus, rather than on time and materials
  • Projects or programs that require sensitivity to government requirements and variables

 Cogent’s Value Add for Clients

  • Cogent has the ability to form multi-disciplinary staff teams tailored to client needs; of high quality and flexible employees and consultants
  • The interests of our clients are paramount.  We give honest advice and foster long term business relationships
  • Cogent has significant resources available to provide timely experienced support staff only for the time you need them to ensure your business outcomes are delivered on time and on budget
  • Cogent forms the right team for each task under a Partner Responsible and Cogent managers – clients do not have to supervise our team’s work

Cogent is results focused and stands accountable to ensure your business is successful.