OH & S Audits

In providing practical solutions to our clients a trend has developed in which the ‘soft’ issue management of health, safety, environment, logistical maintenance, community relations, reputation management and security have increased in importance.

There has been a subsequent growth in systems and standards to deal with these new areas, however the playing field has become increasingly complicated and difficult for individuals and organisations to manage.

Cogent firmly believe that not only are these ‘soft’ issues important to business, they also need to be part of the organisational operations, not an off the shelf add on. They must also be simple and easily assimilated into the workforce so that the organisation can control and manage their risks and those issues relevant to their specific business and industry.

Cogent carry out the following activities for clients in this area.

  • Site assessments
  • Workplace issue and incident investigations
  • Emergency response plans
  • Legislative compliance advice and management
  • Management systems implementation & development
  • Risk profiling, assessment & management
  • Auditing in all areas of OHS, Environment, Quality integrated systems & contract management
  • On site training for most workplace requirements
  • On site issues:
    • Noise assessments
    • Manual handling
    • Waste water management
    • Hazardous goods
    • Needs analysis chemical Management
    • On site audit development