Personnel – Vetting Services

The Cogent Vetting Team provides a wealth of expertise in the Personnel Security environment.   Our team collectively offers over 30 years of experience in providing security assessments to Government, Law Enforcement and Private business. All staff hold the relevant qualifications in accordance with the standards and guidelines contained in the Government Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF). 

Cogent is a member of the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA) Standing Offer Panel to provide security vetting services.  Information regarding the Australian Governments Security Vetting processes or AGSVA can be obtained from the AGSVA website (

Our aim is to not only meet industry specific standards but to go the extra distance in ensuring our clients have complete confidence in the staff they are recruiting. We aim to do this in a timely manner through pre employment screening and personnel security assessments (vetting).

What we offer

  • Security Assessments

Cogent‘s vetting team meet or exceed the Commonwealth standards in accordance with the Commonwealth PSPF. We are qualified to undertake clearances as per AGSVA guidelines. We are also able to provide a range of additional services to meet specific requirements of organisations, that may be additional to or variation to the PSPF requirements.

All clearances are conducted in a professional and timely manner keeping the client informed of any potential concerns along the way.

  • Pre Employment Screening
  • Assistance to staff completing security packs

Cogent will provide assistance to your staff in completing their security packs. This process can be one of the most daunting processes for new staff. Cogent can provide security awareness sessions on the background that requires staff to provide personal information to people they have never met. We aim to make this process as open, simple and less daunting for staff going through a security assessment. These sessions also assist in ensuring all areas are answered correctly and the relevant documentation is supplied which ultimately ensures the process is completed in a timely manner.