Employment Background Screening

Who are you employing?

Staff who are not who, or what they say they are can pose an unacceptable risk to your business and other employees. We can assist in answering that question and significantly contribute to controlling these risks to your company/business by conducting a number of differing background checks depending on the client’s corporate risk.

Some of the services Cogent offer’s for peace of mind in the initial stages of recruitment.

  • A brief questionnaire
  • Australian Federal Police Criminal Records checks (covers all states and Territories)
  • Character and professional referee interviews
  • Confirmation of personal details including documentation
  • Confirmation of current and previous address
  • Confirmation of previous employment
  • Confirmation of Education and Academic qualifications
  • Bankruptcy checks
  • An interview with your potential employee

Cogent offers the whole package or a combination of the above checks, depending on your requirements.