Employment Background Screening

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VerifyNow is a digital platform created by Cogent to simplify employment background screening.

From simple verifications to comprehensive background checks, VerifyNow is the talent acquisition professional’s trusted partner in employment background screening.

Save time, money and remove hours of administrative effort when VerifyNow undertakes employment background screening for your organisation.  This allows your HR team to get on with the business of interviewing, hiring and retaining quality personnel.

Our experienced personnel are available to review candidate data from a whole of life perspective and provide their analysis to help mitigate risk and provide support that an organisation’s choice of candidate is the right one.

What is Employment Background Screening?

Employment Background screening is the scrutiny of relevant information requested by the employer and provided by an applicant. The screening process is initiated by the employer with the applicant’s consent as part of the recruiting process. Employment background screening is also commonly referred to as background checking, pre-employment screening, probity checks and security checks.

Below is the range of checks and verification we offer:

  1. Academic and Qualifications verification
  2. Applicant Integrity Interview
  3. APRA Disqualified Register check
  4. APRA Enforceable Undertakins Register Check
  5. ASIC Banned and Disqualified Register check
  6. ASIC Enforceable Undertaking Register check
  7. AFS Licensees Register check
  8. AFS Licensees and Authorised Representatives Register Check
  9. Anti-Money Laundering check
  10. Bankruptcy checks
  11. Business Interests / Directorships check
  12. Credit History check
  13. Digital Footprint check
  14. Driver Licence Checks
  15. Employment History verification
  16. Entitlement to Work (visa) check
  17. Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check (National Police Check)
    1. Identity Verification included in all Australian Police Checks
  18. Professional Body Membership check
  19. Reference checks (automated, on phone or in person)
  20. Trade Licence Checks

Here are five compelling reasons why your business will benefit from comprehensive employment screening:

  1. Risk management

You should know who you are hiring. Manage risk by assessing the suitability of prospective employees to work in specific roles. Mitigate risks by confirming eligibility to work, requisite expertise, fitness for physical roles, integrity and more. Be confident in your hiring choice.

  1. Make an informed choice and retain your employees

If you undertake employment screening, you’ll soon realise the benefits.  Employee retention is cost effective.  Invest in quality candidates you identify as the right fit for your business from a competency and integrity perspective.  Make an informed choice and help minimise employee turnover.  The up-front investment can avoid expensive costs later.

  1. Highlight and strengthen corporate culture

With employment screening, you get to know candidates in more detail and they can get to know you, too. Candidates gain valuable insight about your values and culture. Think transparency, integrity and trust.

  1. Self-health check

The value of employment screening services extends beyond the on-boarding experience. It can be a regular health check on your organisation’s existing workforce, too. Ensure job-specific qualifications are current, memberships and licences are valid, police checks are up to date, and industry regulation job requirements compliant.  This is an opportunity to address any concerns that may arise and structure your response accordingly.

  1. In-house or out-source?  Save time and energy

When you outsource some or all employment screening processes, you free up your talent acquisition teams to focus on providing higher value to your business.  So ensure employment screening receives the focus it requires.

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