Procurement of a Service Provider to provide all Clinical Services to ADF Personnel at Puckapunyal

The provision of health services at Puckapunyal military base had been provided by a range of health service providers engaged under PSP arrangements; service provider contracts; some military personnel; local arrangements and other informal agreements with local and regional health facilities over many years.  Cogent was engaged to assist Defence across a number of areas of the procurement process including:

  • the preparation of the Specifications for the Provision of the Health Services;
  • the preparation of the Conditions of Tendering, which included the Tenderer Deliverable Requirements;
  • the checking and editing of the draft Conditions of Contract in conjunction with AGS;
  • preparation of detailed pricing schedules and other financial requirements regarding the tender; and
  • the collation of the RFT document to ensure that there was consistency through the document and that the RFT was structured to elicit the best responses.

Cogent’s role was subsequently expanded to include contract negotiation with the preferred tenderer and the conduct of an expansive training program with the contract managers from both Defence and the successful service provider.

The outcomes from this project were of significant benefit to Defence in that they:

  • ensured the provision of an expansive and cost-effective range of health services that met the needs of the ADF personnel located at the base;
  • were provided in accordance with contemporary standards and extant military policy;
  • were provided within defined periods of time, with contingency plans in place to ensure that priority was given to military personnel;
  • delivered a surety to base commanders that the personnel under their control were being treated as quickly as possible and return to service when appropriate; and;
  • delivered a contract that was both manageable and transparent for all parties.