Competitive Tendering & Contracting (Procurement)

Cogent is amongst the most active and experienced market testing/Competitive Tendering and Contracting (CTC)/ Contract Management and management consultancy organisations in Australia. Cogent’s activities include a range of acquisition and management advisory projects from cleaning services at a major resort at Uluru, to market testing the range and village of Woomera, to all the corporate services of four Commonwealth departments.

We have a deep understanding of the Commonwealth Procurement Rules (CPRs), as well as experience with particular Chief Executive Instructions (CEIs), policies and guidelines within individual agencies.  We have our own templates for procurement and are also well versed in the templates commonly used across Commonwealth agencies.

Cogent’s strength in the field is based upon:

  • our extensive knowledge and awareness of competitive tendering and contracting practices and policies;
  • our expertise and experience in the provision of assistance and guidance to both public and private organisations across a broad spectrum of industry specialities and scope of practice;
  • our commitment to technical and business excellence in providing innovative and cost effective solutions – utilising the most appropriate tools and techniques – to meet business needs; and
  • our flexible and responsive approach to the provision of services which ensures that project objectives are achieved in a timely, efficient and economic manner.

Our approach has seen a range of alternative service delivery options introduced into numerous public and private organisations that deliver more efficient and more cost effective support and service delivery systems.  These services are now at the forefront of industry standards and are organised such that they far more effectively focussed on the needs of the organisation and its array of customers.

Cogent’s procurement methodology includes all aspects of the procurement process including:

  • Development of the initial acquisition strategy;
  • Procurement scoping and definition, such as the recommendation of functions and work packages suitable for procurement;
  • Analysis of procurement options and documentation of business case for procurement;
  • Detailed development of procurement documentation, from analysis of business requirements for the Statement of Work, through tender conditions, service levels, response schedules tender evaluation plan;
  • Conduct of tender evaluations, including financial and viability evaluations;
  • Development and finalisation of tender evaluation reports, through to delegate approval;
  • Contract negotiations/development/implementation/review;
  • Development of KPIs and related processes;
  • Contract management and maintenance.

Detailed below are brief examples of our experience across the broad spectrum of procurement and contracting services.  Further examples can be provided if required by contacting Cogent.

Albury Wodonga Health – Feasibility Study

Defence Non-Equipment Procurement & Contracting Branch Complex Procurement Integration Review

Procurement of Non-Clinical Support Services for Hospitals and Health Services across Australia

Procurement of a Service Provider to provide all Clinical Services to ADF Personnel at Puckapunyal

New South Wales Land and Housing – Refresh of the Architects Panel

Australian Defence Medal and other similar Medals

Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs