Case Study – Website Project Manager

Client: Small government agency

Project: Our client was charged with delivering a new website of health statistics for public use, with an aggressive schedule. When Cogent was introduced to the project, we had less than four months to procure, develop and implement the website.

What the client wanted: Our client needed assistance with the procurement of a system developer to build the website, and with overall project management to ensure delivery within budget and time frame.

Project Outcomes: Cogent worked with our client to very quickly undertake the procurements needed to deliver the website. We broke the procurement into separate parts, so that the system development could be fast-tracked.

We used our experience in previous projects to develop the statement of requirements needed for the website developer, and issued a request for proposal. Because of the short lead time, and the absence of a robust contract structure within the agency for this size of project, we made use of available Commonwealth panels to access suitable companies to undertake the work.

With the system developer on board, we also managed the procurement of hosting services to host the website through performance testing and implementation, with an infrastructure sufficiently robust to handle the projected website hits from the go-live date.

We also established that our client would need assistance with help desk services to support the website when it went live, so further procurement was undertaken to secure call centre services for the go-live period.
Our ongoing project management has continued for a further six months, as the go-live date for the website was delayed by political processes outside our client’s control. Working with our client, the system developer, hosting provider and call centre, we fostered a collegial approach to system testing, so that all parties have been fully involved in resolving any problems as they happen.

The use of a project portal has been instrumental in maintaining transparency and sharing project information between all parties throughout the development and extended testing period. This has been so successful that the agency is preparing to extend this concept across other projects, to improve its project management and change control processes in the longer term.

Project planning has included working through all elements needed by our client agency to support the website after implementation, extending from acceptance testing processes, through planning media involvement on the go-live date, to internal processes our client needed to develop for ongoing management of the website into the future. Throughout this period we have worked to pass on procurement and project management skills to agency staff, to ensure longer-term support for the website and similar projects.