Risk Management

Our mission is to work with you to understand your organisational risks and ensure that they are managed in an appropriate manner.

‘Appropriateness’ means different things to different organisations but the bottom line is that your business or organisation is able to manage risk so that damage is minimised and opportunities are realised. Effective risk management can be an enterprise solution or meeting the demands of a specific function or business line. Cogent is able to help you realise your potential risk strategies to support your systems, processes and organisational culture.

The risk management process requires that a risk assessment be made for all potential risk exposures, identifying the risk, risk impact (probability, incidence and severity) and management strategies (avoidance, prevention, mitigation transfer or acceptance). One of the secrets of good practice in risk management is to have a quality management plan in place as well as crisis management strategies and recovery plans.

Cogent has a number of consultants with specific expertise in a broad range of industry sectors and who have assisted a number of organisations to implement meaningful risk management strategies and operational plans. They have ensured that these organisations function knowing their risk levels and can manage their exposures and recoveries.