Security Capabilities

Cogent Business Solutions is a mainstream business management consulting group that is able to provide clients with tailored security and loss control solutions. Recent developments in the security industry have seen a heightened reliance on technology but little improvement in the quality of some personnel involved. Increasingly there are higher demands on staff without the requisite training and support. Organisations need to provide a balance of well trained and capable personnel, suitable and cost effective technology, and to focus on evolving organisational needs.

Our expertise includes

  • Security Program Development and Implementation
  • Security Compliance and Audits
  • Security Risk Assessments
  • Risk Management Strategies and ongoing advice / monitoring
  • Security Project and Program Reviews
  • Planning and Conducting Security Exercises
  • Security Training and Evaluation


Our people have significant Australian and international experience from a wide range of security, law enforcement and military organisations, including the Australian Government. We specialise in the fields of personnel and protective security, business and national intelligence as well as aviation and maritime operations.

Some projects undertaken by our team include:

  • Ongoing personnel security vetting
  • Testing and subsequent improvement of a range of major infrastructure Terrorism Risk Management Plans
  • Facilitation of a range of law enforcement seminars
  • Development and implementation of risk analysis capability within the Department of Defence
  • Review and assessment of a number of Government Aviation Security Programs
  • Development and production of the ‘Threat Video’ and supporting security awareness program and materials for a large government department,
  • Security Review and specialist support to major tourist infrastructure and facilities in Cape Town, South Africa
  • Conduct Security Risk Assessments and implement mitigation strategies for a number of large specialist storage facilities for the Australian Department of Defence
  • Advice and support to world wide security provider in East and West Africa
  • Assessment and review of mine sites and processing facilities for an international mining house in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Western China, Romania, Indonesia, Philippines, USA, and over 9 countries in the Africa region. This included specific training in personnel awareness, site security, risk assessment and management, audit and a number of technical safety courses
  • Rewriting of several national counter terrorist plans for offshore maritime facilities
  • Assistance with Business Continuity Planning
  • Production and implementation of formal security training courses for:
    • Senior Management Security Awareness
    • Facility/Unit Security Officers
    • Company Security Facility Officers
    • Contract security guards
    • Employee security training and awareness
  • Training in risk management and risk profiling to the Department of Defence, and private sector clients, in specialist courses including:
    • suspect mail packages
    • explosive recognition and bomb search
    • personnel security interviewing
    • contingency planning

Selected Clients include:

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