Why Cogent?

Cogent Business Solutions is a management consultancy company with offices in Canberra and Melbourne.  We have a network of consultants available around Australia.  Cogent has a proven record of dealing successfully with complex technical and management problems for large projects and large clients.  Cogent has a reputation of exceeding the expectations of its clients. We do this by creating a project environment that features close working relationships, a team based approach to service delivery, and an uncompromising approach to the quality of service delivery. Cogent’s Quality Management System has been certified to ISO 9001.

Cogent is committed to professionalism through the use of consultants with outstanding track records in their fields of expertise.  Our consultants are dedicated to technical and business excellence in providing innovative and cost effective solutions to meet business needs.

Our consultants have an established reputation for their high level of expertise, professionalism and reliability, particularly for delivering results on time.  This reputation is based on four guiding principles that Cogent promotes in dealings with our clients:

  • Understanding client’s needs and understanding every aspect of each project
  • Matching consultant’s expertise and experience to address those needs
  • Professionalism based on development and use of best practices in each of our areas of expertise, and maintenance of consultant’s knowledge and experience through continuing professional development
  • Integrity in the way we perform our work, the relationship with our clients, and the services we deliver.

The range of strategic, business service and implementation advice and support provided by Cogent to our clients covers the full spectrum of management and support disciplines necessary to deliver a holistic approach to solve business requirements completely.

One of the key features of the management of our projects is the open, honest and transparent management of our projects.  We facilitate and encourage an environment wherein our clients develop a sense of trust and confidence in our capability to deliver. In turn, this trust and confidence allows the development of mutually agreed responses to issues as they arise.

As we regularly deal with your sensitive information, Cogent is particularly mindful of the need to avoid conflict of interest in all its dealings.